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At Lead Logistics, we firmly believe that no communications can work in isolation.  We are driven by our passion to find new and exciting ways to bring brands to life, to bridge gaps between companies and their target markets, to tell inspiring messages that stand out above the noise.

Both advertising and PR help build brands and communicate with target audiences. The most basic difference between them is that advertising space is paid for, while public relations results are earned through providing the media with information in the form of press releases and pitches.

By allowing PR and Advertising to work together you create one consistent message and a synergy effect, so customers see one brand whether they see you on the TV, radio, in print, or online.

How do we do it?

Our team brings together many years’ of experience in writing, media interaction, editing, design and online marketing.

We offer the following services on both print and online platforms:


  • Media research & planning
  • Media liaison & negotiations
  • Advertising conceptualisation
  • Advert design & development
  • Advertising booking & placing


Public Relations

  • Content research & planning
  • Media liaison & relationship building
  • PR writing & distributing
  • Media interviews & events
  • Reporting
  • Case Studies


Get a solid Advertising & PR strategy in place to complement the rest of your marketing efforts.

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