Lead Logistics

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Simply put, to stimulate and capture interest in a product or service and converts target audiences into quality leads, which are nurtured until they convert into sales.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, if you understand, have studied and have years of marketing experience under your belt, then yes.  

Many marketing companies out there claim to understand the dynamics of lead generation, and offer services at low cost, only to yield little or no results to their clients.

At Lead Logistics, we pride ourselves in showing good ROI on our lead generation campaigns and have proven results time and time again.  We use an integrated approach to generate leads based on client target markets and budget.

Ask us how and hit bulls eye, time and time again.

Depending on the company needs, we use a variety of lead generation tactics such as PPC, SEO, Events, radio, TV, exhibitions, advertising, PR, email marketing, telemarketing and more.  We also assist companies with implementing CRM software and provide monthly lead analysis and monthly lead management, showing ROI on campaigns.

info@leadlogistics.co.za or call 084 200 2278