Lead Logistics

Tel: 084 200 2278 | Email: info@leadlogistics.co.za


The breadth and depth of experience within the Lead Logistics team means that we are able to plan, manage and implement a complete strategy to meet all your communication needs with the main aim of generating leads at the lowest cost.

We use a unique combination of methods that combine inbound marketing (content creation, SEO, ePR, social media and webinars), email marketing (lead nurturing and lead creation) and telesales. It works and it works quickly.

Taking into account audience, budget and message, we advise on strategy and produce a detailed communications plan including both digital and printed materials as appropriate. We’re then happy to take on as much or as little of the plan’s implementation and management as you wish, drawing on our experienced team of writers, editors, designers and online specialists. Our collaborative, flexible approach and the joy we take in seeing projects through from initial ideas to final product will ensure that all runs smoothly and successfully.