Lead Logistics

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The way you communicate with your employees has a huge impact on employee productivity, employee experiences, teamwork, collaboration and engagement.  Company employees can be a companys best (or worst) advocates.

As more companies opt into long-term remote work, it’s increasingly clear that corporate work environments will not be returning to pre-pandemic norms.  This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to rethink how they communicate to an often forgotten audience—their own employees.

Some of our internal communication services include:

  • Surveys
  • Induction campaigns/videos
  • Vision Mission Values reinforcement
  • Internal competitions
  • Communicating new policies & procedures
  • Intranet development & management
  • Internal newsletters (copy, design, print)
  • Screen savers
  • Wall papers
  • Digital and print information signage
  • Interoffice road shows
  • Internal events
  • Long term service awards